Full 3D Social Action RPG

Knightly Adventure for KAKAO


A novel and stimulating RPG, Knightly Adventure combines the addictive elements of social games with dynamic Nintendo-like action adventure.

Glorious animated graphics rush you into wild, uncharted lands where mystical, medieval magic lurks abound. This pioneering simulation and action RPG hybrid is a magical world that continues to spin from mobile to web, breaking boundaries in every realm!


The story begins in the mystical world of Loreland, where strange and curious monsters unfamiliar to mankind roam wild. You have somehow become stranded in this unusual place and strive to return home to continue pursuing your lifelong dream.

Only because of you, does Loreland become the perfect place to cultivate heroism as you thrust courageously onward, encountering countless adventures and thriving in excitement and danger.

Key Features

This is a cross-platform game, which means you can continue your game progress across multiple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones or tablets, and on a PC or Mac via Facebook.

✔ Build and manage a vibrant kingdom
✔ Complete story-driven and action-style quests
✔ Craft upgradeable armor and weapons
✔ Battle pesky monsters and earn rewards
✔ Customize your character with a variety of costumes
✔ Decorate your kingdom with a range of unique structures

The game is free to play, forever. Players can buy upgrades to enrich their experience, but it’s possible to beat the game without spending a dime.